Sunday, February 22, 2009

Publicity Shoot

NYC's own DJ Mickey Durivage needed some publicity shots to help him put a face with the name. His super skills have landed him a full time touring gig with Rock-n-Roll legends, Hall & Oats. Mickey (that is his real name folks) also has had the opportunity to work with Mary J. Blige, Jay Z and projects such at the Tribeca Film Festival and several Brooklyn Royalty Fashion Shows.
Mickey and I needed to create a city look here at the beach, so I took him to the old train depot around sunset and we got some great shadow shots against the building. He wanted several different looks to choose from so we changed up the wardrobe a few times and even added a cigar for fun. I am honored that I can say... "I not only knew him before he was famous... I was also his photographer!" Go get 'em Mick!!
Close up headshot.......

The man, the myth... the legend!!!

Reflections of perfection......

Creating a diverse portfolio..... don't be scared to experiment.

Dj Mickey Durivage... keepin' it real....

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