Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fine Art

My taste in art is as vast as my taste in food and travel. There seem to be no limits in my passion to create, learn and explore. The times during my professional photography career when I was able to devote myself to an art project have always been special. It gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction to honor my trade with how the camera can capture expression, beauty, stillness and movement all with just one image. I am fascinated by the science of light and shadow. My commercial work tends to lean more on the "artistic side" rather than technical in look, although getting it right technically be it an art piece or a food shot is very important.
I am currently working on a new nude series that whill be exhibited in the summer of 2009.
Please enjoy some of my past experiments in art.

2005 Nude Series - Body of Light


Love of an Instrument

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