Monday, June 28, 2010

Yoga Festival

I was introduced to Yoga 4 years ago by my girlfriend Jessica Durivage, a local yoga teacher in Myrtle Beach and owner of Where is my Guru now. At first I was very intimidated, very inflexible and slightly nervous to step in to a yoga room with all the bendy women and men that had been at it for years. My practice has been slow to develop but I have tried to persevere with it and feel I have made great progress, I am now able to touch my toes for the first time since birth. But more than that I now understand that it is not about making my body twist in to a pretzel shape and hold it while I breathe in enlightenment, it is about connecting with yourself and the self realization that everyone in class is there to do the same.

This past weekend Jessica Durivage took a big step towards uniting the local Yoga community with the first Yoga Festival held at the AAST (Academy for Arts, Science and Technology). The festival offered local and guest teachers from Ashville, a full weekend of classes, live music by Kristin Luna Ray and live painting by Kimberly Dawn. It was a great success with over 40 guests taking classes and a huge building block for this community of yogi's to grow from. Many thanks to all the teachers, artists and yogi's that attended, we hope to see some of you in Costa Rica for our next workshop in January at True Nature Community.

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