Friday, February 19, 2010

The Permies are coming!

I must confess that the term Permaclture has only recently hit my radar. By definition Scott Pittman is the man to talk to and his company The Permaculture Institute just completed a 2 week training a True Nature. The course included class and projects on the land with a visit to a neighbouring farm. I learnt new terms like water retention, guilds, LETS System, nitrogen fixers, grey water and designing micro ecosystems so everything works together. Wonderful stuff!. The students who came from as far away as Norway shared the common desire to improve their lives and those of others through understanding natures patterns. You guys were great to have shared time with, all the best on your projects. Pura Vida Amigos.

You can check out more of my pictures at and I am on Facebook so find me there. Jess also writes so check out this blog called Where is my Guru now. Peace.

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