Friday, January 30, 2009


Ecuador was an amazingly rich and diverse country. You could go from exploring jungles of the Amazon to treking snow capped volcanos to a beach paradise all in one day.
Jess and I chose Ecuador as our summer of 2008 adventure and despite the weather not fully cooperating, we could not have been happier to get our "discovery on" in South America. Our only wish...... to go back, of course.

Dancing in the streets in Cayambe, Ecuador

Cultural tours just outside of Cuenca where you learn indiginous healing herbs
and how to plow a field (just to name a few)

Tradition lives on in Cuenca, Ecuador as hat making for the indiginous tribes to shade the Ecuadorian sun is still seen as an art.

Bartering for farm animals is as common as heading to the
store for eggs and milk in Ecuador

Young girl stares out from behind her school fence

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