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My interest in photojournalism has sparked most recently and I am enjoying capturing images that tell a story. Please click on a link below to see my most recent work and enjoy the photo essay below of my first experience at a Maine Media Workshop

Chinese New Year: Art Museum of Myrtle Beach - January 31st 2009

Day of the Dead: Art Museum of Myrtle Beach - November 1st 2008

Maine Media Workshop - The Photo Essay - A Course with Marcus Bleasdale
An intense mix of classroom and live shooting. I spent 5 days in Camden, Maine soaking up New England's fall last September and learning about the photo essay. The pictures below tell the story of Five Town Communities that care, a grassroots non-profit organization that works with middle high school students, providing them a place to go after school complete with activities such as learning how lasso a cow, karate and music. Five Town Communities That Care seeks to promote healthy youth development and to prevent problem adolescent behaviors such as substance abuse, suicide, violence and delinquency, school drop out and teen pregnancy.

Many thanks to Dalene Dutton Executive Director of Five Town CTC, as she opened to me the heart of the organization.

kids arrive at Five Town CTC after school

one of the many afterschool activities at Five Town CTC is teaching the students how to properly lasso a cow

student running with his instrument to a music lesson

a student works it out with a karate instructor

parents of a teen from Five Rivers CTC who lost his life to suicide

back on the bus......

Five Town Area residents of all ages said they think suicide is an important problem in the community and that a major difficulty for youth is being able to talk to adults about suicidal feelings.

For more information about Five Town CTC please visit their website at:

The Maine Media Workshops:

Marcus Bleasdale:

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